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Kotlin backend engineer


Full Time 全職


About the Role


團隊成員都很年輕(around 30),由於公司成員組成是個小地球村,所以英文日文都要能說。面試時都會用到這兩種語言。大家人都很好,有時候 あの+英文 也是可以通。但原則上日文 > 英文

目前使用到的:Kotlin(Spring, SpringBoot) / MySQL, MongoDB /AWS / Terraform /Jira

由於目前日本尚未開放入國,所以就算錄取會是先在自己的母國工作喔!(日本office可選東京/福岡) 工作內容:

  • Design and development of APIs and web applications

  • Product architecture design

  • Web infrastructure development (API server, identity, payment, access control, etc.)

面試流程: 書面審核-> 一面-> 二面 -> offer


  • Experience in development and operation of web applications

  • Experience in AWS development

  • Experience in API design / DB design as a backend engineer for commercial services of a certain scale

  • Experience in development from the service specification review stage

  • Must be able to communicate in Japanese


  • Experience in the start-up phase of a business and improving functionality while receiving feedback from customers

  • Experience in design, operation, and construction of medium to large scale services

  • Able to properly design and manage the configuration of infrastructure in the cloud based on availability, security, fault tolerance and business requirements

  • Experience in medical-related product development

  • Experience working in a start-up or venture company

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