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Data Engineer, 資料工程師

Full Time 全職


About the Role



  • Create, develop and maintain data warehouse, data pipeline, interfaces, and architecture to support big data and analytics initiative

  • Apply big data analytic technologies to develop cloud native analytic algorithm for structured data, unstructured data, and time series data from IoT applications

  • Develop data visualization, discover actionable insights and put machine learning pipelines into production

  • Research latest technologies and techniques of big data sources / deep learning and Machine Learning techniques

  • Work closely with product team, data scientists, and other engineers to bring powerful analytical solutions and insights


- CS, Data相關學系畢業, 有至少2年Data or ML經驗 - 有第三方框架或工具使用經驗,如scikit-learn, scipy, jupyternote book, ML flow等。 - 使用過Spark、python、R、Hadoop 佳 - 有Cloud 經驗,GCP 最好 - 有IoT streaming 或 Time Series data applications 經驗佳 - 有跑過敏捷開發經驗佳 - 能獨立作業 - 中英文口說書寫流利

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