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Data Engineering Lead, 數據主管

Remote, Taiwan


About the Role

這是一個全遠端的職缺,智慧家電是主要的產品平台,所以你做的東西是會出現在你的日常生活中呦! 但也因為需要跨國合作,所以你的英文能力一定要很好才行,不然大家都會很崩潰。 該職位負責了解業務需求並推動數據工程和分析的技術方向和解決方案交付,主要重點是在設計、實施、維護和管理大數據平台、數據管道、數據可視化和機器學習解決方案方面發揮領導作用. 設計數據團隊的組織並帶領團隊確保成功交付解決方案。


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  • 制定和實施符合業務流程並滿足客戶需求的整體組織數據分析策略

  • 在 GCP 上設計數據架構、數據模型

  • 轉換企業數據以支持數據收集、視覺話及分析

  • 開發、維護、測試和評估數據解決方案,定義數據和分析平台,為客戶提供一流的分析

  • 與雲端架構師、工程師和產品管理人員以及業務利益相關者密切合作,開發分析模型

  • 與 DevOps 團隊合作進行雲基礎架構配置和維護

  • 與 IT 安全團隊合作,規劃和實施雲安全控制 領導和建立一支數據工程師和後端工程師團隊。


  • At least 4 years of experience in leading the solution implementation of high volume heterogeneous data, preferably with distributed systems such as EMR, BigQuery, Hadoop, dataproc, Databricks, Flint,Data Fusion,Trino

  • Experience in application development methodologies, Big Data Architecture, ELT design, and real time streaming

  • Experience in cloud based design and development, data modeling, data access, and data storage techniques on cloud platform, preferably experience in GCP and writing distributed, high-volume services

  • Knowledge in Spark, python, R, Hadoop ecosystems, Node.js, RESTful API / Micro-Service, Kubernetes, Docker or other open source development framework etc.

  • Knowledge in Machine Learning and data wrangling

  • Experience in agile development life cycle, project management approaches and requirements, design, and testing techniques

  • Experience in data protection with serializability and strong level of isolation

  • Familiar with datalake related concepts,with Dataplex usage is preferred

  • Strong understanding across cloud and platform components to deliver end to end cloud architectures and designs

  • Experience working on Google Machine Learning Tools

  • Proven experience in IoT product

  • Strategic thinking and communication, which able to coach and lead all levels of people


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