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Looking for employment? WE'RE ON THE JOB!

Job Seekers

​We understand that when you look at new job opportunities, you are not only concerned about whether the salary is better and the benefits are better, but also need to understand the development trend of the industry. So we will assist you in evaluating different career plans at different stages of your life.

There will be different stages in life, including first entering the workplace, starting a family, having children, buying a house, and changing careers in middle age. We'll help you understand your needs and assess every job transition.

Happy Run has always believed that the ultimate choice of work comes from the life and life you want.

​Services we provide

  • Consultation on workplace issues

  • Career Development Consulting

  • Resume writing consultation

Appeals, complaints and emergency contact channels for job seekers

If job seekers are dissatisfied with the consultants who provide your services, or in the event of labor disputes, complaints, or accidents, they can call the contact number: (02) 2771-6771, or contact us through the form on the right.

See more jobs

You can view all vacancies on this site. If there are vacancies you want to post, you can upload your resume to us.

​You can also contact us directly and provide us with your resume and we will arrange a consultant to contact you.

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