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日商新創 Frontend Developer


Full Time 全職


About the Role


團隊成員都很年輕(around 30),由於公司成員組成是個小地球村,所以英文日文都要能說。面試時都會用到這兩種語言。大家人都很好,有時候 あの+英文 也是可以通。但原則上日文 > 英文

目前使用到的有: React.js,TypeScript /Kotlin(Spring, SpringBoot) / MySQL, MongoDB /AWS / Terraform /Jira



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  • Experience in developing and operating a web frontend for a commercial service of a certain scale

  • Experience in building a web frontend with a strong focus on customer experience

  • Experience in designing UI/UX for web frontend

  • Experience in proactively selecting web frontend technologies

  • Must be able to communicate in Japanese


  • Experience in the start-up phase of a business and improving functionality while receiving feedback from customers

  • Experience in design, operation, and construction of medium to large scale services

  • Experience in properly configuring and managing web frontend libraries with security in mind

  • Experience in designing a consistent UI/UX for the entire service

  • Experience in backend development and operation

  • Experience in medical-related product development

  • Experience working in a start-up or venture company


  • Those who have a strong desire “to solve the world's medical issues with the power of technology”.

  • Those who have willingness to explore and learn new technologies.

  • Those who have strong intellectual curiosity and a challenging spirit

  • Those who have the determination and experience to approach and solve unstable and abstract issues and organizations with a sense of ownership, and enjoy creating new value with the team.

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